Published and Forthcoming Journal Articles

"On the Limits of the Precautionary Principle"

Risk Analysis, forthcoming.
Published with replies from Terje Aven and Thomas Boyer-Kassem, as well as my reply.

"Is Risk Aversion Irrational?"

Synthese, forthcoming.

"Gambling with Death"

Topoi (special issue: New Trends in Rational Choice Theory), forthcoming. 

"What is Risk Aversion?"

(with Richard Bradley), British Journal for the Philosophy of Science,  70(1): 77-102, 2019.

"Counterfactual Skepticism and Multidimensional Semantics"

Erkenntnis, 83(5): 875-898, 2018.  

"On the Ratio Challenge for Comparativism"

Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 96(2): 380-390, 2018.

"Counterfactual Desirability"

(with Richard Bradley), British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 68(2): 485-533, 2017.
Included in Oxford University Press’ “Best of Philosophy 2017”.

"What is 'Real' in Probabilism?"

Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 95(3): 573-587, 2017.

"Desirability of Conditionals"

Synthese, 193(6): 1967-1981, 2016.

"Desire, Expectation and Invariance"

(with Richard Bradley), Mind, 125(499): 691-725, 2016.

"Fair Chance and Modal Consequentialism"

Economics and Philosophy, 31(3): 371-395, 2015, 

"How Valuable are Chances?"

(with Richard Bradley), Philosophy of Science, 82(4): 602-625, 2015.

"A Lewisian Trilemma"

Ratio, 27(3): 262-275, 2014.

"Desires, Beliefs and Conditional Desirability"

Synthese, 191(16): 4019-4035, 2014.

"Humean Supervenience and Multidimensional Semantics"

Erkenntnis, 79(6): 1391-1406, 2014.


Beyond Uncertainty: Reasoning with Unknown Possibilities

(with Katie Steele), under contract with Cambridge University Press

Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.

"Epistemic Transformation and Rational Choice"

(with Krister Bykvist), Economics and Philosophy, 33(1): 125-138, 2017.

Review essay about Arif Ahmed's Evidence, Decision and Causality

Philosophy of Science, 83(1): 159-169, 2016. 

"Decision Theory"

(with Katie Steele), in Edward N. Zalta (ed.), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, winter 2015 edition.

Review of Lara Buchak's Risk and Rationality

Economics and Philosophy, 30(2): 252-260, 2014.

"Free Discourse and Fair Procedures"

In Gabriel Malenfant (ed.) Heimspeki - For the Wisdom of the world: Inquiring into Contemporary Icelandic Philosophy, University of Iceland Press.

Work in Progress or Under Review

(Please e-mail me, at hlynur.orri[at], for drafts.)

Population Ethics Under Risk (with Gustaf Arrhenius)

Utility Measures for Prioritarians

A Prioritarian Dilemma

Risk and Ambiguity behind the Veil of Ignorance

Risk, Ambiguity, and the Pareto Principle

Growing Awareness (with Katie Steele) 

Decision-Making under Conscious Unawareness

Radical Interpretation and Decision Theory (with Anandi Hattiangadi)