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Published and Forthcoming Journal Articles

"What is Risk Aversion?"

(with Richard Bradley), British Journal for the Philosophy of Scienceforthcoming (conditionally accepted).

"What is 'Real' in Probabilism?"

Australasian Journal of Philosophyforthcoming.

"Counterfactual Desirability"

(with Richard Bradley), British Journal for the Philosophy of Scienceforthcoming.

"Desirability of Conditionals"

Synthese, 193(6): 1967-1981, 2016.

"Desire, Expectation and Invariance"

(with Richard Bradley), Mind, 125(499): 691-725, 2016.

"Fair Chance and Modal Consequentialism"

Economics and Philosophy, 31(3): 371-395, 2015, 

"How Valuable are Chances?"

(with Richard Bradley), Philosophy of Science, 82(4): 602-625, 2015.

"A Lewisian Trilemma"

Ratio, 27(3): 262-275, 2014.

"Desires, Beliefs and Conditional Desirability"

Synthese, 191(16): 4019-4035, 2014.

"Humean Supervenience and Multidimensional Semantics"

Erkenntnis, 79(6): 1391-1406, 2014.

Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.

Review essay about Arif Ahmed's Evidence, Decision and Causality

Philosophy of Science, 83(1): 159-169, 2016. 

"Decision Theory"

(with Katie Steele), in Edward N. Zalta (ed.), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, winter 2015 edition.

Review of Lara Buchak's Risk and Rationality

Economics and Philosophy, 30(2): 252-260, 2014.

"Free Discourse and Fair Procedures"

In Gabriel Malenfant (ed.) Heimspeki - For the Wisdom of the world: Inquiring into Contemporary Icelandic Philosophy, University of Iceland Press.

Work in Progress or Under Review

(Please e-mail me, at hlynur.orri[at]gmail.com, for drafts.)

Population Ethics Under Risk (with Gustaf Arrhenius)

Gambling with Death

Transformative Experience and Rational Choice (with Krister Bykvist)

Multidimensional Solution to Counterfactual Skepticism

Decision Making under Conscious Unawareness (with Katie Steele)

A Challenge for Comparativism